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Static Mixers

Jacketed Static Mixers

Jacketed Static Mixers

Approx. Rs 16,000 / Piece

Fluidyne jacketed static mixers are used where the process requires heating or steam jacketing and also in process where a particular temperature needs to be maintained in the static mixer for reaction process or to prevent solidification inside the static mixer of the fluids being mixed.

Static Mixer Elements

Static Mixer Elements

Approx. Rs 6,000 / Piece Onwards

Fluidyne static mixer elements are precision-engineered elements capable of continuous mixing of fluids like liquids, gas streams, disperse gas into liquid or blend immiscible liquids in different ratios, which need different types of elements based on the parameters of the fluids. Following are the major types of elements:-
  1. Helical Mixing Element
  2. Elliptical Mixing Element
  3. Grid Type Mixing Element

Helical Static Mixer Elements (HSME)
Fluidyne Helical static mixer elements are economical static mixer with moderate mixing performance capabilities. It is most suitable for small pipe diameters with turbulent and laminar flow and characterised by low-pressure drop and open geometric structure and best for specific applications. Helical mixing element assemblies in metal construction are available in SS 316, SS 304, Monel, etc., to fit all pipe sizes. Standard sizes are made to fit Sch.10 to Sch. 40 pipe, however mixing elements can be made to fit most pipe diameters. Sizes range from size 1/4" – 12" pipe diameter.

Elliptical Static Mixer Elements (ESME)
Fluidyne Elliptical static mixer element consists of a series of semi-elliptical plates positioned in a special geometric pattern in series. Two plates perpendicular to each other make up a single set of element. The mixing operation in this static mixer is based on the splitting and diverting of the input stream(s). As the product moves through each element, flow is continuously split into layers and rotated 90 degrees in alternating clockwise and counter clockwise directions. This method of sub dividing the flow results in a highly predictable and repeatable mixing strategy commonly employed for high flow rate, low viscosity applications. During turbulent flow, the mixer elements enhance the random motion forming eddies. Six sets of elements are sufficient for most low viscosity mixing requirements. Sizes from 1/2” through 3" diameter are welded together and higher sizes up to 12” are welded to a central retaining rod, while larger elements up to 24” are welded to additional four outside support rods for maximum rigidity and stability. Elliptical elements are supplied as removable inserts or complete with housing. Stoppers or Flange Mounted retaining rings are provided to secure the elements and keep them from spinning or moving downstream and as an optionally can be welded in place. Elliptical mixers are suitable for Blending oil, gasoline; Mixing two or more liquids and resins; Dilution of Concentrated Solutions; Water and Wastewater Treatment; Gas-Liquid Dispersions; Pipeline Reactions; Oil/Water and Water/Oil Emulsification; Bio-diesel Production; Blending Anti-Oxidants and Additives; Bleaching of Pulp; Inline addition of Flocculants; Homogenizing ; Adjusting Viscosity; Chemical Suspensions and pH Control. Fluidyne Elliptical Static Mixer elements are fabricated in SS 316 or SS 304 and in CS, PP, PVC, PTFE.

Grid Static Mixer Elements (GSME)
Fluidyne Grid Type static mixers or X-Grid type static mixers constructed with multiple elliptical segments suitable for laminar flow mixing and/or dispersion of viscous fluid for very difficult applications where this high performance grid type static mixer is recommended in laminar and turbulent flow applications. Fluidyne Grid Type static mixer or X-Grid elements are highly reliable and efficient static mixer for mixing fluids with equal or very large differences in viscosity and volumetric ratio. These elements are used for sizes above 2” pipe diameter. Mixing is accomplished in a short length with a very high degree of mixing with this unique design with multiple elements in grid formation as given in table below:-

Static Mixers

Static Mixers

Approx. Rs 35,000 / Piece

FLUIDYNE Static mixers are a series of geometric mixing elements fixed within a pipe, which use the energy of the flow stream to create mixing between two or more fluids. FLUIDYNE has optimized the design of our static mixers to achieve the greatest amount of mixing with the lowest pressure loss possible. Whether your application involves low viscosity fluids, high viscosity fluids, fibrous materials, or just the need for a quick flash blend, we have a static mixer design available to optimize your blending process.

FLUIDYNE Static mixers are a row of carefully designed fixed mixing elements within a pipe ensure mixing between two or more fluids. FLUIDYNE design of static mixer creates very little pressure drop and the greatest amount of mixing. FLUIDYNE mixers are used in blending processes as well as mixing. Static mixers are also called "motionless mixers "This is because the mixing is done by permanently affixed mixing fins, obstructions, or channels mounted in pipes, designed for promoting mixing as fluid flows through the mixes. The criteria for using motionless mixers is to achieve homogeneity of composition in a liquid without the need for external process mixing, which can be very costly and often questionable. When sizing/designing a static mixer the main factors to consider is the flowrate and the properties of the fluid, and it is, possible to calculate the number of mixing elements required to produce a homogeneous mixture. FLUIDYNE STATIC MIXERS COMEIN Type - A (Standard) and Type - B (with injection port) as per customer's choice.

Number of Mixing Elements required
Volumetric Ratio of Components To Be Mixed A : BViscosity Ratio of Components to bc Mixed A : B"Satisfactory" Pre-Mix Quality" I lomogencity 80% Degree of Mixing Achieved (Co, = 0.2)“Fair Quality" I lomogcncity 90Y. Degree or Mixing Achieved (Co,' = 0.1)"Good Quality" I lomogcncity 95% Degree of Mixing Achieved (CoV = 0.05)"Very Good Quality" I lomogcncity 99% Degree of Mixing Achieved (Co, = 0.01)
1 : 11 : 1 - 100 : 133-44-55-6
5 : 11 : 1 - 100 : 13-4456
9 : 11 : 1 - 100 : 14569-10
99 : 11 : 1 - 100 : 156910
999 : 11 : 1 - 100 : 169-1010-1212-15
9999 : 11 : 1 - 100 : 19-1010-1212-1515-18
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