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Tank Breathers

Flashback Arrestor

Flashback Arrestor

Approx. Rs 12,500 / Piece

Fluidyne flashback arrestor or flash arrestor is a safety fitting used in oxygen-fuel –hydrogen service like burner operation, combustion, heating, welding and cutting to arrest or prevent the flame or reverse flow of gas back up into the equipment or supply line and it prevents the user, equipment and system from damage or explosions..Fluidyne Flashback arrestors are reliable protection against dangerous reverse gas flow and flashbacks according to Design Code : EN 730-1 / ISO 5175.

Important Features of Fluidyne Flashback Arrestor
  1. Large Surface Area
  2. Temperature Sensitive Cut-Off
  3. Spring Loaded Non Return Valve
  4. Filter at Gas Inlet
  5. Protects Gas Cylinder and Pipeline
  6. Protects Torches, Burners (high flow)
  7. Any Position Mounting

SIZES : ¼” TO ½” RH/LH

Type –A : Acetylene, Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, LPG, Hydrogen ( Max Pressure - 5kg/cm2)
Type –B : Oxygen, Compressed Air ( Max Pressure- 30 kg/cm2)

Dip Rod And Dip Sticks

Dip Rod And Dip Sticks

Approx. Rs 1,500 / Piece

Fluidynedip rods and dipsticks are manufactured from Aluminium, Brass, Stainless Steel SS304 / SS316, GRP making them durable, flexible and spark proof and hence suitable for use in solvent, petroleum, diesel and other storage tanks and in demanding services. Fluidyne dip rod and dipsticksare calibrated to suit dimensions of your storage tank, vats and barrels meaning that they provide highly accurate liquid volume measurements and calibrations traceable to NABL standards. Fluidyne dipsticks marked in cm, M, with standard least count of 2mm. Fluidyne dip rods and dipsticks Lengthsare available up to 6m. Fluidyne dip rods and dipsticks are calibrated to suit your needs: litres, M3, US gallons or regular height in: millimetres/inches. Fluidyne dip rods and dipsticks are suitable for all liquids: oil, diesel, petrol, paraffin, kerosene, hydraulic fluid and other oils and other liquids. Fluidyne dip rods and dipsticks are suitable for rectangular horizontal or vertical cylindrical storage tanks with or without dish ends, and for oil drums or barrels.

Dip Tape

Dip Tape

Approx. Rs 12,000 / Piece

Fluidyne Dip tapes or dipping tapes are made from high quality stainless steel or carbon steel where a dipstick cannot be used.Fluidyne Dip tapes or dipping tapes provides a depth of liquid in a tank but when used in tandem with a conversion strapping table can accurately measure the volume of liquid in a tank. Fluidyne Dip tapes or dipping tapes are made from Lightweight aluminium frame winder. High impact plastic handle. Complete with graduated brass dip weight. Fluidyne Dip tapes or dipping tapes are etched with raised markings. Graduated in mm and meters and available in 5, 10, 20 & 30m versions.Fluidyne Dip tapes or dipping tapes accuracy to EC Class II standard and suitable for general purpose tank dipping and used with a Strapping Table to convert height readings in to a volume.

Spark Arrestor

Spark Arrestor

Approx. Rs 16,500 / Piece

Fluidyne Spark Arrestors or spark traps are used for providing a safe exhaust as exhaust leaks are a hazard to employees and workers and hamper engine performance. Sparks are a source of ignition for factory, forest and brush fires. These safety issues are of prime concern and compliance can be met by providing Fluidyne Spark Arrestors that are trap type Spark Arrestors that have a method for removal of accumulated carbon particles, for improved maintenance ease. Three spark arrestors or trapshave exhaust manifolds in two basic configurations, a four-stack design with individual manifolds and stacks, and a two-stack manifold. Fluidyne Spark Arrestors are CCOE approved.

Tank Breathers

Tank Breathers

Approx. Rs 25,000 / Piece

Fluidyne tank breather cum filter is used for the filtration of the incoming air to the tanks of hydraulic systems. Fluidyne tank breather cum filter are available in threaded, welded and flange connections. Fluidyne tank breather cum filter is available as fill caps and fill-up filters and also available with built in dipsticks.

Flow rate (l/min)D1D2???H1H2
150471/4' DSP194512
45076V," BSP356612
/50763/4' BSP356616
850761' BSP386616
150471/4' NPT194512
300473/8' NPT194512
750763/4' NPT356616
850761' NPT386616
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